I wasborn in a family of believers. When my father died, I was only 9, I suffered a lot, I almost closed myself off, because I was very attached to my father. Reading the Bible and praying I understood only God could heal my pain. During those days the Lord has been closer to me and I’ve searched Him always more because I needed someone to hold on to. Before accepting Jesus in my heart, I had my doubts, because I wanted my prayers to be granted immediately. I prayed for my father’s healing every day and I was waiting for a positive answer.

My name is Dario B. I used to attend the meetings and the Sunday school since I was a little kid. But as the years passed, I didn’t want to go there anymore. I thought it was a waste of time and if I went there, it was only to please my mother. I fought with my mom a lot of times, because in my opinion, my friends and the world were more funny and important than anything else. One day my mother asked me: “Dario, if the Lord came now, would He take you with Him?”. Since that moment, I started thinking about it. On a Sunday, I listened attentively to the preaching because it seemed like the Preacher was talking to me and I even considered the idea my mother could have talked to him about me.

Hi everybody, my name is Fabién. I live in France (Fresnes-sur-l’Escaut).I’m very glad to tell you how I’ve passed from death into life in Jesus Christ. When I was 18, I used to work in a hospital (ASH/ à Saint-Amand-les-Eaux); I used to clean the bedrooms. I liked my job, it made me happy. One day, while I was working, I met a girl who attracted me in a way I’d never experimented before and this fact scared me a little. Her name was Cindy. We exchanged our phone numbers, and three days later she called me to go out together; it was great for me, since I didn’t have a girlfriend back then. The more I went out with her, the more I found out she had something to do with occultism.

My name is Sara Grossano, I’m 30, married, with three daughters. I was born in a family of believers in which, thank God, I had the privilege to know Jesus since I was a child; we used to attend the church meetings as a family, so it seemed normal to me to hear talking about God. When I was 14, I began to frequent some friends who led me in the world; I liked it but I didn’t feel fulfilled. I was always looking for new things that generally didn’t bring me to anything at all. So many times my parents scolded me but I didn’t really want to stop.