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Daniela Giuga

My experience is similar to my husband’s one, Giuseppe Longo. I was born and raised in a Jehovah’s witnesses family too. At the age of 16 I got baptized; I thought I had the truth. I went and preached the name of Jehovah to the people, instead of Jesus Christ’ s name. Then I married and moved to Germany. Three years later, my husband stopped to go to the Jehovah witnesses’ meetings, but I still kept going by myself. Although I had many “friends”, I felt lonely, depressed, sad.. overwhelmed by all the tasks I had to accomplish for the entity, such as go making proselytes, get ready for the gatherings, personal studies and teaching to children, and so on..  All this stuff for 10 years. Then, I gradually began to have some doubts. I wondered if God really wanted all those sacrifices from us. I began to miss the meetings. One day, I made some research on the Internet, I clicked on the entry “Subliminal Messages”, and also Jehovah’s witnesses books appeared, in which I could see there were effectively subliminal satanic messages; I was shocked. In that moment, I was afraid to broaden my knowledge about it, but then I resolved to make more researches. I compared the demoniac pictures I saw on my computer to the ones present in my books and it became always more evident, especially one book contained a lot of those pics. It was January 2014, an alarm bell sounded in me. I kept carrying out researches, over and over, I found out always more, even connections to the Masonry. I drew a conclusion: that was not a divine organization, like they used to say. I lost my faith in that god in which I had put all my trust and hope; that groupthat made me believe salvation was in it for my whole life, fell off my heart. I felt annihilated, destroyed. What had I believed until that day? I completely lost my faith. Sometime later, I felt the need of prayer, and so I did, but I didn’t speak to Jehovah anymore, but to God, the Creator. When I began reading the Gospel, I realized Jesus Christ is God, our Shepherd. I read the Shepherd never leaves His sheep to someone else. So I understood there’s no need to go after the man, the only thing you have to do is believe what the Bible says. Long story short, I recognized Jesus was God. So the hope and faith I had, revived in me. 

In April 2014, I dissociated from the Jehovah’s organization. I prayed and accepted Jesus in my heart and since that day, He dwells in me. I have a no scriptural baptism now, made in Jehovah’s name for the organization, but I’ll soon be baptized with a Christian baptism: in the name of the father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Although the damaged relationship I have with my family and friends (which used to say that they loved me, but now, since I am no more in the organization, they don’t even face me up), I feel joyful, free and peaceful in a way I’ve never felt before. I finally have a true hope. This life is just a test bed; the real life will be after we die. If we accept Jesus in our heart as our personal Savior, we’ll dwell with Him forever. We are His children!! The Bible says:

John 8:32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”


To Jesus Christ be the glory forever and ever.


Daniela Giuga

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