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Don’t put your decision off until tomorrow (Sara Siragusa)

My name is Sara Siragusa, I’m 26, I was born in Mannheim (Germany). I was born in a family of believers and I listened to God’s word and taughtever since. My parents showed me the right paths to follow, so, in a manner of speaking, it was normal for me living in this world and thinking differently from my schoolmates. I didn’tknow the world. Probably someone could wonder: “When did she took the decision to accept the Lord as her personal Savior?” A lot of people do remember the exact date, day or moment; for me it’s different. I remember when I was a child and the teacher asked usat the Sunday school: “Who wants to accept Jesus in his heart? For He has forgiven all our sins!” In that moment I made my decision for life. But growing up, becoming a teenager, doubts and questions increased in my mind; Satan, our enemy, was responsible of all this, he put doubts in my mind and tried to tempt me. He said: “Maybe you’re not truly converted?”. And I repeated over and over these words: “Lord, listen to me, forgive my sins, come into my heart!”

And the enemy’s voice again: “You’re missing something, aren’t you? You’restillveryyoung!! Havefun! And after you’ll have tried everything you want in this world, you can dedicate yourself to the Lord, become a good believer, and so on..”

But then I said: “ STOP!! That’s not true!”

I thought a lot and I recognized these doubts and questions had come to my mind in the moments I was distant from God, moments in which I didn’t read the Bible or pray very much, so in this way Satan could attack me! Now I’m 100% sure I’m a saved child of God! He exists and He doesn’t care of your age. He wants you to make a decision. You cannot put it off until tomorrow, because what would you tell God, if He came back now?

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