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I am happy to belong to the Lord (Vincenzo Iacono)


My name is Vincenzo Iacono, I was born and raised in CattolicaEraclea (Sicily, Italy).

In 1971 I came to Germany for work reasons. I knew GaspareSchembre, he used to take the same bus to work I did. One night, he invited me to a special meeting with an Italian missionary. I told my wife Rosa about it, but she got mad because she didn’t want to go. A while later, she resolved to go. Gaspare came to pick us up. We began to attend the gatherings and conventions. One day the Lord spoke to my heart through the preacher Giovanni De Finis, but I had no courage to tell anybody anything. Many years went by, but I still didn’t talk about it; but there came a day, I faced surgery and pain and I decided to tell everybody I had accepted Jesus in my heart. My wife and I prayed together, I renewed my relationship with God. I thank all the ones who prayed for me. I am happy to belong to God.


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