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I was disappointed and dissatisfied. (Loredana D.)

Hello, I’m Loredana D. (Mannheim), I want you to know how I accepted Jesus Christ in my life. I come from a numerous family, four brothers and a sister. My mother was the first to convert to the Lord, than came my father. (I am saying it toletyou know there was no believer in our family yet). With my parents’ conversion, began for all my family a new way to live, we had a very special Guest: Jesus Christ. Growing up, I heard talking about Him and the love He had for me, the same love that lead Him to the cross. I was shocked by the fact that a stranger could have given His own life for me. Attending the meetings with my parents, I understood many things, among which the truth that Jesus did not remain in the grave, but resurrected. I was very young (I was 8 years old) but I had great questions; I wanted to know more. A couple of years later, going to school and spending time with my friends, I gradually began to lose my interest in God because I was attracted by the worldly life. Despite everything, I feared and respected my parents, so I kept going to Church. Going didn’t mean so much to me, it meant to please my parents, that’s all. Inside of me, I heard a voice, that voice, talking to me, reminding me all I’d always been listening to since I was a child. My mother had always kind words for me, she was calm and patient, she told me about the Lord and His want to be part of my life. One day, going out with my friends, I had a bad experience. I suffered disappointments, I felt dissatisfied, but I really couldn’t understand why! So that night, I realized my mom had always been right when she said: “Jesus is the only true Friend!”. A few weeks later, on a Sunday, I went to worship with my parents. After the preaching, there was a time for prayers and I heard a voice inside of me saying: “Loredana, let Me be part of your life.” And I answered: “Yes”. In that moment I felt alone with the Lord. When the gathering came to an end, I felt a deep inner peace. My life had changed. I was so happy that I told it to all those who were near me. “I’vechanged!” I saidjoyfully. Someone asked me “How so?”, others already imagined what had happened in me. I only told them that while I was praying I asked the Lord to come into my life, so that He could become the Owner of my life. It’s been 24 years, since I accepted the Lord in my heart and the only thing I can tell you is to have this experience too!

Jesus Christ says: “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name”. (John 1:12)

Loredana D.

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