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I wondered about my future. (Concetta Schembre)

My name is Concetta, I come from a family of believers (in the province of Caltanissetta, Italy) but this fact didn’t guarantee me the salvation, although it prevented me from doing bad experiences. My parents instilled into me the fear of God, since I was a child. Our house was always open to host missionaries and I used to sing Christian songs to them.My conversion happened growing up and knowing the Word of God, by singing and reading the Holy Bible. All this made me realize that the Lord’s hand was upon me. I wondered about my future because in my town, Vallelunga, there weren’t people of my same age who loved Jesus Christ. Despite everything, I trusted God to provide for me an husband to be (Gaspare). Now it’s about 40 years I and my husband Gaspare serve the Lord in Germany, in the area of Mannheim/Ludwigshafen, and we thank Him for having blessed this community.


Concetta Schembre

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