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Felicetta Gangi

Hello everybody, I am Felicetta Gangi. I’ll tell you how I met the Lord. It was in 1991 I found a new job and I met a woman named Maria Arcuri. She told me about Jesus. I liked listening to her, Maria made me understand God had died for me and my sins. Then she asked me whether she could come at my place and bring some people with her to talk about Jesus.Every time I heard talking about Jesus I felt joyful and it was like all my problems in that moment disappeared, so I accepted. I was happy and calm, I felt a wonderful peace in my heart and love for the Lord. When I heard talking about Him, He was the only thing that mattered. It came the day Maria came to see me with Gaspare and his wife. When I saw them I felt peace in my house and inside of me, too. I was so happy they’d come! We began to pray and while listening my heart was happy, full of joy. That moment something in me had changed. I also prayed my Lord and Savior Jesus and my faith grew always stronger. In prayers I asked Him a lot of things, things I needed and He heard me and granted me. I knew God was next to me, He had died for my sins.After all the great things He had done for me, listening to my prayers and caring about my needs, I felt I had to do something more than just praying and love Him and have faith in Him. So in December 2008 I made a promise to the Lord, thanking Him for all He’d done for me and for my family, accepting Him with great joy in my heart as my personal Savior.


Felicetta Gangi

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