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Religious Incompatibility


I introduce myself. I am Francesca, I am 35. I am native of Molise but I have been living in Heidelberg for 4 years.  I’ve been engaged to Daniele for 10 years and I’ve accepted Jesus Christ in my life 5 years ago. When I and Daniele began to go out I did not know anything about his religion, but when I saw him praying sitting down at the table, I immediately realized he was different. But I liked him.

The following months were special; we spent our days together and we had fun, but something kept usapart: the religion. Every time he tried to talk to me about the Bible, I was hard put and facing such a theme scared me. I thought it was not even worth! Have a different faith couldn’t be that dramatic, let alone could it be an obstacle in our relationship. But I was wrong. My family didn’t  agree. My father absolutely didn’t accepted our love story. He forced me to leave him immediately or I would have been chased out of the house. I was very scared and I couldn’t understand why he was so mad at a guy he didn’t even know. Despite everything, I obeyed. We stayed apart just for a few days, but then thank God, we got back together. The Lord had planned everything: we met secretly. Daniele seriously began to tell me about the Word of God. I tried many times to change the subject, but I was just afraid to face and bump into a reality which was totally differentfrom the one I’d been living in since that day and which I considered good for me. I was my parents reflex about Catholic themes. I sincerely didn’t know anything of the Bible, I wasn’t so interested to, either. I attended the catholic church just because everyone used to. I really didn’t like that climate. Nobody was really listening the preach on Sundays. When I looked around I saw everyone did everything but being listening and I felt annoyed. But I kept living that way. After a while, in 2004 Daniele and I broke up. That was the time I took up with the world; I used to do all I wanted to, go dancing with my girlfriends, coming back home late at night, I made new acquaintances but I still didn’t feel satisfied, I wanted more. I wasn’t happy and in those moments I needed Daniele more than ever; I missed him, truth be told, but I needed his words most. He was the one through which I could have a contact with God, even if not much.  So after staying away from each-other for 10 months, we began to keep in touch and he evangelized me. Today, I want to thank God especially for those days, because He didn’t abandoned me despite my sins, my continual sacrifices, He conceded me one more chance. Thank you Lord! I gradually felt something inside of me was changing. The 1st preach I heard was about the Revelation. It was hard for me to understand, I didn’t want to accept the idea the world would have ended. I was so scared and worried and I wondered at how Daniele, instead, faced the topic naturally and calm. He wasn’t afraid. How so?

“You have to accept the Lord Jesus Christ in your life as your only and unique Savior.” -he told me. “You have to believe in Him with all your heart because He gave you life dying on a cross for your sins.” I’ll never forget those words. Just a while later, after a serious argument between my parents, I run to my bedroom and I locked myself up. Powerless, my eyes filled with tears I fell to the ground and I called upon the name of God. I remember I kept praying for a long time. So the evening of October 6th, 2005 I surrendered to Jesus. That was the best day of my life. I felt an unexplainable joy in my heart; all my burdens, all my fears were gone. The following days were wonderful too. Daniele gave me a Bible (I finally had my own Bible!!) and every day, punctually, I went in my room and closed the door to read it; and I read a lot. I soon began to attend the Church in Campobasso, hiding from my parents. I stopped going to the Catholic church, but obviously it wasn’t that simple. My change went not unnoticed and it was great because there’s differencebetween a believer and a non-believer and you can see it. But unluckily, nowadays, I feel blue with my family and for this reason I ask you to pray for me, that I can find the strength to go on, and that my parents can give their hearts to the Lord too. Now I can say the Lord changed many things in my life, things I thought impossible, He made them possible. Now my family loves Daniele and his parents and mine gladly go together. Being my father strict, I’d never believed possible to see them eat at the same table. The Lord is almighty, we just have to rely on Him. 

Psalm 145:2-3 “ Every day I will bless You, and I will praise Your name forever and ever. Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and His greatness is unsearchable.” Amen.


Francesca Gammiero.

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