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Psalm 66: 19 “But God definitely listened. He heard the sound of my prayer.”

Hello everybody. For the ones who don’tknow me my name is Giusi C., I am 42, married. I come from a Christian family but after my father died things changed and we kept some distance from church. Some year later, I met my husband and my mother-in-law, which was and still is, one of the Jehovah’s witnesses. She convinced me to attend and study this religion and I became part of it for about 5 years. As the time went by I realized there was something inside of me that didn’t go well; I felt so empty, I lacked of self-confidence, I was very confused.

One day I went and visited my sister-in-law and there I met, after a long while we hadn’t heard from each other, Dina and Samuel Soccio. We talked about the Holy Trinity, I heard curious but at the same time confused. Passed a long time since that day, but I couldn’t stop thinking about that meeting and what it was talked about, so I began to make some researches about the Bible, in order to clarify my mind, to get my doubts out of my head, but the Jehovah’s witnesses convinced me on the contrary with other reasoning, so I dropped the subject and forgot that story.

In July I felt very bad, the doctors found out I had an chronic illness called Chrome’ s Disease and I had to nurse it with cortisone drugs. This Syndrome made me lose 30 lbs. in 6 weeks. I felt very weak. I remember once in the morning I was going to the restroom but I felt so bad I couldn’t stand on my feet and I fell on the ground. In that moment I bent on my knees and I prayed the Lord with all my heart; it was the 1st time for me, I felt His presence in me. Something great had happened, the Holy Spirit had come to live in my heart and since that day I believe in God. I am still ill but now I see things clearly, I am aware that only Jesus can give us salvation and eternal life.


Thank you for paying attention.


Psalm 66: 19 “But God definitely listened. He heard the sound of my prayer.”

Giusi C., Ludwigshafen 

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