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Jesus freed me from depression (Anna D.)

Hello everybody, my name is Anna Del Prete, I’m 36 years old, I am married and I also have 5 children. I’ve been living in Germany since I was 9. I grew up in a catholic family and I’ve always believed there was a God, but I didn’t believe the saints existed. I’ve always lived among catholic traditions. One day my sister-in-law Cristina came and visited me and she began to talk excitedly about a God of love. She said she had begun to attend an evangelical church. After a while, I was so curious that I went with her, but I only got bored, and the only reason I went to the meetings was to accompany my sister, Michela. Because of my reluctance, I decided not to go anymore. Sometime later, there was a period in my life, in which I’ve suffered with depression. I was very scared, I used to cry always and even without reason, I was aggressive and I felt worthless. I asked the doctors for help, and they prescribed me antidepressants, hoping my life would be better. I became aware I was so under the influence of these medicines that I wasn’t myself anymore. I felt like I couldn’t feel nothing at all, feeling less. So I asked for a meeting with Toni and Irene, and I entrusted my problem to them; their advice was to commit my life to the Lord, because He was the one who could relieve me from this situation. After that night, I came back home, I trashed the antidepressants and I began to pray the Lord. In that moment I realized that Jesus was the One who could give me the strength to go on. I asked Him to forgive my sins and since that day I feel free and complete. I thank my Lord Jesus Christ because He gave me peace and joy in my heart. My desire is to tell the world my experience with Him, and to make it official through water baptism.



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