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If the Lord came today, would you be ready to meet Him? (Dina)

“If the Lord came today, would you be ready to meet Him?” These words echoed in my mind. I was raised in a family of believers, but for so much time my answer to God was “NO”. God has showed in many occasions the deep love He had for me, but I still wasn’t ready to surrender to Him. Must say, I have been very active in God’s work since I was a child: I played the piano and the guitar and I used to sing too.. But my life didn’t reflect my heart. Everything changed when I gave my life to my Great Saviour. All of a sudden, I sang what I lived. Abandon myself to the Lord didn’t mean that I was a loser; I had the victory in Him. And I could finally answer “YES” to the question above. Now I am 48 years old, I am married and I have 3 children. My love is always growing for Him. Up until today I can say, looking at my life, that He takes care of me.

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ!

 Dina Soccio

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