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Leonardo Bux


Hello everybody, mynameis Leonardo Bux and I want to tellyouhowJesusworked in my life. I come from Sannicandro Garganico (Apulia, Italy). I used to take mywife to the community on Sunday, but  I wasn’teven a little bit interested in attendingthosemeetings. So, after leaving her there, I usedtotakemycaranddriveallaroundthecity. OneSunday, after I hadtakenmywifetothe Church, I drovelookingfor a mechanic, but after a while, I realized I had lost mywayhome. I prayed inside of me, askingGod for help. Sometimelater, I get a sense I was not farfromthe Church. I lookedatmywatch;  therewere 30 minutes left. „Whatshall I do now?Should I gohome, ormaybeget in andsit down waitingforthemeetingto end?“I decidedmyselftoget in. The preachermademethinkaboutmylife, I lookedaroundme in the Community and I sawthebrotherlylovetheyhaveforoneanother. This touchedme. I begantoattendthemeetingsand I thankGod I couldmeetHimandknow His love, shown in Jesus Christ, theSaviourofthe World. ToHimbetheglory!

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