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I had other interests (Pino F.)

My name is Pellegrino Ferrante, but my friends call me Pino. I was born and raised in a Catholic family. Two years ago, I heard talking about Jesus for the 1st time, through my wife, who had converted a while before. I didn’t even know what does it meant. Now I know it. I was astonished to hear my wife reading the Bible that she had received from Velia Paventi, her cousin’s wife. So, was she in the garden or in house, she kept reading.. something she had never done before. So I thought: “Something is not going well; she is obsessed over it, or it is something really serious”. Whatever it was, I couldn’t give myself an explanation. “How could reading the Bible change a person this way?”. I heard the Word of God indirectly, but must say I didn’t care a lot. My interests were computer, car, garden.. The Lord guided everything. I thank the families D’Aversa and Siracusa because on a Sunday, two years ago they came and visited me, bringing Salvatore Caruso and his family with them. He talked a lot about the Lord. I was standing there, listening, I didn’t know what was going on but I felt something different in that visit; although there were many noisy children, we succeeded in praying and singing. That day I realized a deep peace in my heart I had never experienced before. Then, I kept listening to the word of God and I attended the gatherings with the other believers I realized that the interests I once had had in my life didn’t count anymore. The only important thing in my life is the Lord! Since I converted to Jesus, I always pray for my children Sandro and Sergio and for my whole family, that they could accept Jesus in their lives like I did, because without Him there’s neither life, nor hope. Be good people is not enough, something more is needed; the Faith in the Lord.

God bless you all.

 Pino Ferrante.


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