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“I havebeenoneoftheJehovah’switnessesfor 38 years”

Wolfgang Kühne was born in Marl (Westfalen) in 1948. When he was 17, he kept in touchwiththeJehovah’switnessesand he was impressedandattractedbytheirteachingandtheirdetermination. He was in chargeofthecommunity in Düren for 32 years. After beingone oft he Jehovah’switnessesfor 38 years, he readchristianmagazines (forbiddenbytheJehovah’sorganization) and he begantowonderiftheway he hadchoosen was therightone. This dact, ledhimtoconvertedto Jesus Christ.

Now Wolfgang Kühne ismarriedandhas 2 children; hiswife was a member oft he Jehovah’switnessesfor 40 years, andhismother-in-lawfor 50 years. Since 2004, Wolfgang andhiswifearemembersof a christiancommunityofbelievers.  

“I belonged to the choosen 144,000!”

The first time Imet a Jehovah’switnessI was 17:itwasone of myoldclassmatesatmyneighbour’splace. Webegantotalkand he revealedme he was a Jehova’Switnesslongsince. „This ist thetruth“ – he saidenthusiastic. I toldhimthat I thoughttheEvangelicalchurch was therightway. He proposedmetogovisithimandtotalkaboutitcalmly. WemetthatWednesdayandwetalkedaboutthetrinity, the hell, God’sname.Itseemed a verybiblicaldebate. Wemetmanytimes, fromthatmoment, andwhat he usedtosayseemedverylogicaltome. So I gotbaptized on March 19th, 1967 in a swimming-pool in Coesfeld/Münsterland. At theageof 22, I begantoserve in thecommunityofJehovah’switnesses. Itwas 1970 when I became a “slave”- itmeansthat I had a task in the community. I was in chargeofthemagazines “Wake up” and “Watch Tower”. In 1971 on a summercongress I wasnominated „new chief“. I accepted the charge, but I doubted.Mywiferealizedthat I didn’tbelieve in thatorganizationanymore, but despiteeverything, Iacceptedthesituationwithoutcomments.So in theSixties I was declaredheretical, because I didn’tbelieveeverything. Mywifeand I didn’tagreewiththeirideas, but weacceptedthethingsastheywere, andwedidn’ttalkaboutthat.Duringthoseyears, I beganreadingtheologicalscriptures. I was subscribertochristianmagazinestoo. With “The midnightcalling” (christianperiodical) I’velearnedmuchabout Israel. Iunderstoodalwaysmorethat Jesus hadtobe at thefirstplace in mylife. Mywife, whousedtoreadthe same magazines I did, hadthe same opinion. Wewere not afraidofreadingbookswhichhadbeenforbiddenbytheJehovah’sorganization, e.g. „Crisisofconscience“ by Raymond Franz. This book was so muchhatedbytheJehovah´switnesses, thatthedirectionwrote a lettertotheelders, in whichtheyrecommendedtomeetupwitheveryonewhoownedthatbook.Thatbook was tothrowawayandifsomebodydidn’twantto, theywouldhavebeenbanishedfromthecommunity. As an elder, I hadthatbook, but I didn’ttellanybodyanything. This factcontributedtodistanceusfromtheJehovah’switnesses. Wewere „examining“ the truth!


Reading “the midnightcalling”, wefaced a theme: at the end of timesGodwill work with Israel. Thiswas a revelation to me, I thanked the Lord Jesus Christ, I askedHim to forgivemysins and mywrongthoughts. He acceptedme, andthis was my New Birth. The Jehovah’switnessesrepel Israel, becausetheythinktheyareGod’s Israel himself.


Wewanted the Bible to speak and werealizedthat the Bibledidn’tspokewhatwethought. Forexample, in Romans 11:1 theApostlesays: “DidGodrejecthispeople? By no means!”. WeverifiedIsrael’stopicis a centralthemethroughout the Bible. (Deut. 28:30). I reallywantedthateverybodyknewaboutmynewlife. Mywifeandmymother-in-lawwerethefirstpeople I informedaboutmyconvertion.


Welookedhitherandthitherand in lessthan 14 dayswefoundtheevangelicalchurch in Birkesdorf. Wesoonfeltouselvesat home in there. Wewerereceivedwithloveandwerealizedit was a family! Not a long time later, wegotbaptized in Jesus Christ’sname.Whatreallytouchedme was seeingtherewere real biblicalmeetings in there, toreadtheBibleandtotalkabout it. My walk to reachGod’sgracewas long. The aim was reachedandthegraceofGodcontinuestowork in mylife. The loveofourSaviour Jesus Christ isindescribablygreat. ThankYouforever, Jesus!


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