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Antonietta Ferrante

My name is Antonietta F., I am married, and I have two children. I was raised in the catholic faith, in fact since I was a child, I wanted to be a nun. Growing up, I saw many divergences between me and the catholic world. I frequented the catholic youth group, not because of my belief but just as an excuse to go out. I had the proof of the contradictions that religion had; often I argued with the priest and sometimes I was brought to doubt that God existed; and then he rebuked me telling me I was an atheist. When I got married, I kept standing in that world, just for tradition, until I was 40. In May 2001 I met the Lord. One day, I went to visit one of my relatives, Velia. She was completely wrapped up in a book, that told the story of a priest converted to Jesus Christ. In that moment I was very curious; that was the book for me, considering the divergences I had faced with the priests, and so she lend it to me. Thinking on it, nowadays, I am convinced that the Lord was already at work in me, because it was really strange for me to be interested in reading a book, given that I hated reading. Two days later, I called Velia, because I was worried for her; she had changed, she was not the same person anymore, she was different. I asked her how she was doing and she answered: “I’m reading the Bible”. I thought she had gone crazy, at the time, but she didn’t gave me enough time to think about anything else, because she began to talk to me about the Lord, and it was so beautiful what she said, that I was touched hearing God’s Word. The following day, I went again at Velia’s house and she kept talking to me about the Lord. I tried not to listen to her, even if something was moving in me and I tried to hide it, because I thought at my family, in that moment, “What would they say?”. I was scared of their judgment. I think Velia noticed my embarrassment and to make me feel comfortable, she gave me the Book, without ceremonies… That Book was the Bible and since that moment I never left it. I soon began to read it, a lot. Three weeks later, Velia invited me to a love feast, explaining me what that was and that Reinhard Gaertig was coming, on June 9th. I was very excited and I was looking forward to that day to come. But I had a problem, or better, I thought there was a problem: my family. Finally June 9th came, brother Reinhard began to evangelize and I felt so many feelings at the same time!I opened my heart to Jesus, I realized the importance of His sacrifice for me. Since that day, many years passed, my life has changed and it feels like the 40 years I have lived without the Lord doesn’t count anymore, because since that day, I was reborn in Christ, and He worked for me, He listened to my prayers. I have prayed for my family very much, and I thank the Lord because from the really beginning Pino (my husband) stayed close to me and my children accepted my change. Jesus Christ is always on my mind, He comforts me when I’m sad. Now I can say without Him there’s no life or hope.

To the Lord be the Glory.


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