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My name is Daniele D’Aversa, I’m 32. I gave my life to the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ at the age of 18. I was not born in a family of believers. Before I made this amazing step in my life, I tried with all my streams and vigour to become a famous and rich football player. There wasn’t a day, ever, in which I didn’t train. Yes, this sport was my life and I liked to be loved and wanted from everybody when I played. I tried to have fun with my friends and I filled up my heart with joy through discos, sleepless nights, girls and alcohol… but all these things could not fill the empty place in my heart. When I was 17, I began to attend the Church in Mannheim- Ludwigshafen, after many invitations from my relatives (such as my aunt Loredana..). Then I slowly began to read the Bible and I realized that somebody was talking to my heart. Yes, Jesus was knocking on my heart’s door to get in. A while after, I was 18, I decided to let Christ come in my life and in my heart. How beautiful! At the beginning I suffered a lot because my mother didn’t allow me to go to the meetings because she was contrary (but she’s now a true believer!). But I’d already made my decision and I stopped doing the things I used to do before, because thank God, I finally felt the real joy, the real peace, the real life in my heart. All this situation, spiritually strengthened me insomuch that nobody could forbid me to go on with the Lord. I was sure of what had happened in my life and although my family wasn’t in (because they didn’t agree), I went to the meetings all the same. Thank my brothers and sisters in Christ, I didn’t feel lonely, because they encouraged me to have hope and to pray for my parents. After a couple of months, the Lord answered to my prayers for my family and they gave up to Jesus. I finally have everything I thought I could have with football and many other things I used to do with my friends. Now, because of the presence of God in my life, night and day, alone or in company, I’m happy because the God Almighty who created everything and who is the owner of all the things, has accepted me as His son. It is for me a great privilege to be called son of God! Thank you Jesus! Now I try with His help to escape the passions and to research justice, faith, love, peace with all those who call upon the Lord with a pure heart. For you, who want to be rich and famous, and be loved from everybody, do you feel somebody knocking at your heart’s door?? (Toc, toc?!?) Jesus knocks and if you let Him come in your life, He’ll make your dreams come true! Open your heart and you’ll see that you’ll find all you’ve always been looking for, in a lifetime!


PS: Anyway, I sailed through! I’m famous because in Heaven everybody know me, and I’m loved too, and I am also rich because I have become son of God! Yes, you’re maybe right. I don’t play in the World Series with a number 10 at my back (just for a little while), but now I’m a member of God’s heavenly Team, I which God Himself is my teacher and coach! I’ve got the salvation of my soul and it lasts forever.

“Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life” (John 14:6)

God bless you!

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