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Since I was a child, I’ve been keen on music and singing. It was the only reason I lived for. I hoped I would reach success and glory one day. I was born in a Catholic family and, must say, I was extremely devoted to our traditions. When it was talked about religion among us, I was always the 1st to step in. I liked to leaf through the Bible once in a while, and every time the TV offered  something biblical to watch I just couldn’t miss it.But I didn’t care much about that, my only objective was reaching success with my music and songs. As soon as I grew up, I had my first crushes and love stories but disappointments too. During those years I hoped for the success to come. But nothing. Sometimes I found “open doors” but they suddenly closed. I was desperate , wondering why I couldn’t take advantage of the gift God had given to me. Meantime, in 2007, I met a woman, I fell in love with her, and I was ready to do everything just to let her never lack for anything.  In fact I was remote-controlled by her… she was eager of money and splendor so I accepted every offer my bad friends had for me, just to let her live up. I began to traffic drugs, to steal, to sign false cheques , and many other things. But God knew my heart and He was preparing my path. In 2010 I reached the desperation, my love story ended, I met another woman (she also had a daughter) and they lived 1834 km away from me. We used to keep in touch by telephone and computer, but inside of us there was the need to know each other personally. On June 19th 2010, I got on a plane to Germany. We met, we fell in love, I became a father almost automatically without batting an eyelid, and in 2011 we realized our dream to be married. But there was still something bad I had inside of me. I still used to sin and I couldn’t hide this from my wife. When I decided to give up, there came an old friend  of my wife, Cristina. She talked to me about Jesus and the love He has towards His creatures. I didn’t have any intention of listening to her. But later, in my desperate condition, I began to listen and I was very touched by her way to worship Jesus. In Cristina’s life there came Gennaro, her fiancé ad my dearest brother in Christ, and so we met to study the Bible together. One day I was invited to a worship meeting and I was very touched by the way the whole church worshipped God. On the night of February 24th 2014 I felt the need to bow down and I recognized a was a lost sinner, I asked God to forgive me. Jesus was not late in answering me. The following morning I felt I was a newborn, for the 2nd time in my life. I felt in my heart fire and warmth I had never experienced before. After that I began to understand many things, such as why I couldn’t be a great singer; because the Lord had chosen me to be an instrument in His hands even before I was born and now I write and sing for Him, to serve Him in the best way I can.   



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