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Rosa Bentivegna

I did not know who to believe My name is Rosa B. , I’ve been married for 53 years and I live in Mannheim. My parents are Catholic and since I was a child, I was attracted to God. I used to go to the Church always, and I felt very wrong when I didn’t. Growing up, as the time went by, a great confusion pervaded my head, I did not know who to believe anymore; on one hand I kept in touch with the Jehovah’s witnesses and on the other hand there were believers who talked to me about a God which was dead on the cross for me. Although I was confused, it was always amazing to hear talking about God. Gradually my life became clearer because the Lord was working in my heart. I was afraid to die and I often wondered: “Where am I going after death?” So I prayed God to show me the Way, and He did it. Some days later, I was invited with my husband to a Gospel night. The Preacher was announcing the Gospel, the Good News, in which he explained that only Jesus Christ is the Saviour of our souls (I thought the preacher was talking about me). He answered my questions one more time and said: “If you die tonight, where would you go?”. I thought about that, and without losing a minute, I gave my life to Jesus that very night. Since that day, He has changed my life and I never regretted having accepted Him in my heart. In God’s Word we read: “For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus”.


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