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Carmela Graci


Hello everybody, my name is Carmela Graci; I am 50. I thank the Lord for giving me the possibility to know Him; I know we have a powerful God because everything is possible to Him; as the Psalm 50:15 says: “Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor Me”. It all began that Saturday, 16th September 2006, at 7:30 pm. Our son Costantino (he was 25 years old) had not come back home yet, and so we began to get worried. We hoped it was nothing serious could have happened, but we were very wrong. Very soon we came to know that our son had had a car frontal accident, with his car, a BMW. My daughter Graziella and I went to the place of the accident. But when we got there, my son had been already taken away with an helicopter. The police was there and my son’s car too; seeing it, I could not expect anything good. My first reaction was to ask how my son was and a policeman answered to me: “ I am not a doctor, but you can be still because your son is still alive.” As I heard my son was still alive, I put everything in God’s hands, knowing that He can do everything, He hears us when we call upon Him with all our heart ( Luke 11:9-10). As we arrived to the hospital, waiting the whole day for somebody to tell us something, finally came a doctor to tell us that our son was in very serious conditions, the possibility that he could not face the night was at its highest level; we could not do anything but pray and wait. He had a shattered arm and was full of injuries. When we had the permission to see him at 6:00 pm that evening, he was incredible. We had been able to recognize him only by his hair; you cannot imagine how weak he was. Since then, he was hold in artificial coma, and we could only pray. We found a place to sleep next to the hospital in Mainz, 100 km far from our home. God was working. The Lord used the family Tabone to encourage us, they placed their house at our disposal. We shared great moments praying together. Brother Samuel Soccio asked all the believers (in Italy, Germany, France, Belgium ..) to pray for my son. Four days later, finally the doctors told us the good news: my son would have survived! Seven days later, they began to operate him; every operation went good and he was making improvements. God was working. After 4 weeks of coma they begin to wake him slowly. The doctors had told us that Costantino would have never been the same, he would have had head problems and he would not have been able to react, probably he would have needed a wheelchair. Thinking about those days, I don’t know with which strength we have faced those moments, when the doctors told us Costantino had no hope to survive: that’s the way to think for the people who don’t know God! But we trusted our God; He has worked! After all he suffered, today our son is the same boy of always. He’s healed! I thank Jesus Christ with all my heart for what he has done in my family. To He be the glory and the power. Amen.

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