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Gennaro Ferrante

Hello, my name is Gennaro, I am 31 and I come from Pozzuoli (Naples). I want to tell you my story, so that you can understand what God has greatly made in
me. Many people believe God is a rule, that you cannot talk to Him, and in this way they make He become a limited God. I was born in a Catholic family, made up
of my father, my mother and 5 kids. I was born in the time of Brady-seism when my family was evicted and went to live in the containers, where I was born. We
have been in there for 4 years. We were 6 people in almost 45 square meters. After a long while, they gave us a real house, and even if it was a tenement,
thank God, 6 people could live there problem less. As the years passed, I grew up with the education and faith my parents had taught me, with many sacrifices
to let me go to school, so that I could grow up missing nothing. As it happens in the adolescence, there are the first crushes, the first disappointments, the
first desires but unluckily my parents could not give me too much, and even if they made all they could do to make me happy, growing up the needs were
increasing. As a child, I was shy, cheerful, prodigal and full of friends. I was naïve and I did not know the maliciousness and the injustice until the day
I proved them. Exactly because of this relationships I knew the world, I lived like the man uses to do with all the mistakes and the consequences that this
was taking. At the age of 15 I began to live the worst time of my life. I lose a friend of mine, “Fabio”, he was very important to me. He died of a car
accident. Nobody was able to console me. I hated the World. As the years passed, my life had no sense, I looked at everything with hate and so at the
age of 17, I tried to do the worst thing in the world: suicide, launching me down from the top of the church where I lived; it was about 30m. high. Beside
my ears, I heard a voice saying: “Lunge down! What are you living for?”. But God’s work came out so that I could see it in the person of one of my friends,
who stopped me from lunging. After a while I fell in tears like a baby, swearing not to do it anymore. Unfortunately this did not happen, because in my
agony I tried another 2 times to leave from this life. There came up always the same voice: “What are you living for?”, but there was always something that
prevented me. Now, thinking on it, I understood that God was protecting me. The bad experiences of those times, made me stronger, making me say no to people
that did not deserve it, and to waste my life for them. One day I got a postal card for the military training, and thank my brother, I applied to become an
auxiliary Carabiniere. A few months later, I got the reply, and I had to go on a course in Cuneo. I was really happy and could not wait to begin, but
unluckily my dream was not successful and I have been disappointed. After 5 days of course, I suffered for a renal colic and according to the Carabinieri,
I was not able to go on and they send me back home. My dream to be a Carabiniere was so great that I went in a Catholic Church and bowing my knees
in front of a statue I prayed San Gennaro to help me, but as soon as I went out I wondered: “What am I doing here? Why do I have to bow in front of a statue
that will never answer me?”. During these long years, the Lord has always searched me, but He had to wait so much time for my “yes”. In the moment I was
crawling on the ground, I was umiliating myself and I felt ill-treated by everyone. I was almost done. In my head 1000 thoughts were coming up and I felt
the need to vent with the game and the sex. I always wanted more. Looking behind me, I understand that the Lord has always been next to me and He wanted
me to become one of His servants, bringing His Word all around. God used one of my coworkers, who invited me to participate for the 1st time to a Pray Meeting,
on April 14th, 2013. That was the 1st time I met God. He has created me with all that surrounds me; He has always searched me, and He gave His Own Son in
order to save me. During the preach, I wanted to bow down to the Lord and ask forgiveness for all my sins. The Lord has filled me with joy and peace since
that moment. Through the people, God arrived in my heart. Now He uses me to reach the others’ hearts. It passed such a long time before I humiliated myself
before Him. He has wiped my tears away, He has changed me in many things, and because of His help I have found peace and love towards the others. I realized
I had not to hate someone who has damaged me or my loved ones. There happened such an  horrible experience in my family. It is about my niece. His brother,
his father’s son, abused her with his erotic games. Every time I heard news of abused children on the TV I felt furious. But now that a member of my family,
blood of my blood had been touched, I would have done the worsts things. If God hadn’t been in my life, I would have killed him; if I had been the “old me”. I
was re-born on April 14th. As it is written in Galatians 2:20 “ I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.
And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.”  So, if He has helped me, He will help
anybody else. I advise you to trust Him always, and never stop praying with faith and you will see that He will help you and will never leave you alone. 

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