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Salvatore Grossano

For the ones who don’t know me, my name is Salvatore G. As a boy, I had all the dreams that a boy can have: to know the world, have success, and have a lot of
money. For this reason, when I was 15, I left my parent’s house to go on my adventure; I emigrated in Germany where, with my salary, I managed to buy an
ice-cream parlour, which gave a return in the early ‘80s, of a Million liras a day. My dreams came true, I had money, I had women, I was a compulsive gambler,
I used to smoke and alcohol was my best friend. Until there came a day in which I couldn’t even more stand my own figure. I had all a man can dream, but there
was something missing: the happiness. So one day, getting a stroke, I fell on my knees and among the tears I said: “Oh God, if it is true that You are alive
and You listen everything, as they say, look, please, in what condition I am reduced, I wish I could return to be a normal person, so that I can find peace
and happiness in my soul”. After a week, there came a person in my club and he gave me a Bible; when I read it I was in a great worry, because I found out
that God is a righteous God, a God of love, and He hates the sin. Now I was no more disheartened because of my vices, but because of my fear of God and His
judgment over me. One month later, I was on holiday in the southern Italy at my parent’s place, I saw next to my house a circus pavilion, and thinking it was a
circus I went there with my wife. But it was not a circus pavilion: there was a man talking about Jesus, saying: “Jesus doesn’t look at the kind of your sin,
Jesus just wants you to give Him your heart, and He will make you happy and He will forgive all your sins”. So I understood that God had sent that man
especially for me. Jesus wanted me to surrender to Him, so I stood up and out loud I said: “Yes! I do want to give my heart to Jesus”. Since that day I had a
new life, immediately I was disgusted by the smoke, by alcohol, by playing cards and by other things that until that day had made me slave. Jesus made me
free from all my vices, and now I live happily with my family, and together we honour and glorify the Lord Jesus for everything He has done in my life and in
the lives of all the people who have accepted Him as personal Saviour.
Salvatore G. , Mannheim.

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