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Testimony of a transformed life. (A. Donnini)

My name is Andrea Donnini, i’m 41.
From seven years I know the Lord and I was delivered from the monster that I carried inside me for 32 years, my homosexuality. From an early age I was attracted to men, women I never look at them, if not to their heels. Soon I began to understand that others do not accept me, made fun of me for the way I move and speak.. I started to correct me but also to lock in myself, in my silence, afraid of tomorrow. But the more I grew, the more the need and attraction to the same sex increased. Until I decided to let out what I called the 'monster', and live my homosexuality to sunlight. I was tired of hiding who I was, I did not hate me for what I felt. But I needed to love and be loved.
My parents accepted him and started wars in the house.
I spent 10 years in the gay world, I lived excesses and I had always several men a night. But the gap and the need for love grew more and more, until I was asked to do the drag queens (men who dress up as women and entertain a diverse audience: gays, but also heterosexual families).
I took the stage name of Divine and I felt strong, I had money, power, fame. But it did not last long. The need to be loved was getting stronger. Until one day a person said he could introduce a man who would solve all my problems. I accepted, I had known many men, one more made no difference. But this man called wasw Jesus, the only one who, without giving anything in return, was able to love me and filled the void I had.
Now, with the book of the story of my life, I travel around Italy and beyond to bring hope to so many boys and girls who experience what I experienced, proclaiming Jesus as savior of the world.


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