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Since I was a child, I've always sought the Lord and in my spiritual blindness I often wondered who God and Jesus really were. Although I used to attend the catholic church, I've never found an answer. When my father converted, I was already married. My father told us about Jesus very often but I remained indifferent, I kept being spiritually blind. When my children grew up, I decided to go to work and even if I didn't know the Lord personally, I asked Him to help me finding a job near my house. It didn't take much time: the Lord answered to me. I found a job next to my house. It was exactly the kind of job I'd been asking for. Moreover my employer and the workers were christian. This was the best thing could have happened to me. The Lord was preparing everything. He' s awesome! He always answers to those who call upon Him. I'm sure my father was praying for me. Meantime I'd been working for a year back then, when one of my co-workers gave me a leaflet and a daily tear-off calendar with a text and gospel message. I was impressed, because it was the same kind of calendar my father had always given to me. Later I told my work colleague that my father was also a christian. Some day later, he asked me if I wanted to listen to a tape. I accepted, none too willingly. I felt I had to listen to that tape in order to return it to my colleague. So when I got home, I played it. Through that tape the Lord spoke to my heart, He made me understand how far away I was from Him. He had come into the world to die on a cross because of me, in my place. If I had believed in Him I would have become a child of God. So I surrendered to God's love for me. I confessed Him all my sins and all of a sudden a great sense of joy invaded me. I felt His presence and His peace inside of me. In all my troubles, the Lord is always by my side, comforting me. To Him be praise and thanks.

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