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I put everything in God’s hands (Nico C.)


I am Nico, I’m 28 and in my family my father is Catholic, my mother Evangelical. In our family religionwasnot a big deal. As a kid, I used to go to a catholic kindergarten and there, for the first time, I had my first approach to God. Back then, I was told the story of Jesus and I learned it, but I was too little to understand its real meaning. The time went by, and I realized that during my growth I was increasingly losing interest in all this. Nevertheless, I used to thank God for all the good things I had in my life (my job, the health, the food) and I prayed Him to intervene when I saw someone was not doing right. Last year, I restarted to attend the meetings in the Evangelical Church and I immediately got the feeling I was part of a family, that I was in the right place. I began to seek God more and more, reading the Bible and watching some videos in the Internet. My interest grew constantly, changing my life so much that nothing was more important to me than finding the Way which leads to Jesus. I asked Him to come into my life, to forgive my sins and to let me see the Right Way to reach Him. From that moment on, I’m more careful before doing anything, because I’m trying to change my life in the way God wants it to be. I put everything in Jesus’ hands, in the hands of my Lord, the One who gave me inner peace and freed me from the fear of tomorrow. I thank God for all the things He’s done for me and that’s the reason I am here today; to do His Will through the baptism.   Nico C.

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