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I was surrounded by a no way out wall. (Maria L.)

Troubles, tiredness and deep injuries led me to intense sadness. As a result, I turned to the doctors and I took medicines, until I needed to go to a treatment center. While I was there, I met someone who enlightened me within. She asked me a lot of questions to which I couldn’t find answers. On a sunny day, we were standing outside with three more people, sharing our problems. All of a sudden, my friend told us she had found the key to have peace in her heart. The key was Jesus. I was surprised about it and I thought I didn’t know the Bible very much. Despite everything, I truly understood that I just had to open the door of my heart to Jesus. This friend of mine, had realized I needed to fill my emptiness. She put me into contact with someone else and we began to study and analyze the Word of God together. Itwasverypleasant to knowGod’swill. I was happy. I realized there’s a life after death and I wanted to be ready for it. The Word of God taught me that Jesus had to come into my life as my personal Savior and Lord; He had to forgive all my sins. Now I’m ready to stay with my Lord. The Lord mademe a new person. He changedmy way of thinking, of talking. He changedmy life. Now I can fully understand what my friend meant about the peace in the Lord. It’s the same one I have right now in my heart through Jesus Christ.

Maria L.

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