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The Lord had not forsaken me! (Felice D.)

I came to know the Lord six years ago, through my mother-in-law. I began to attend the worship meetings regularly, but at a certain point, about two years ago I didn’t want to hear about the church and about God anymore. So I distanced myself from everybody and everything. Meantime, I have been treated unfairly and I committed so many sins that I felt like I was chocking inside. I realized my sin and pride were overwhelming me and that the devil was almost on the edge of winning the battle. Despite everything, the Lord had not forsaken me! Actually He had always been by my side and before I fell in total perdition, one day, I felt as if an hand was touching my heart and an explosion of joy and peace happened in me. That moment, I understood I belonged to Jesus and that I had to live for Him. Thank You Lord for all the things You do. Amen.

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