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Pina Conti

Hello everybody, my name is Pina. I want to say hello to all my Christian friends in Darmstadt and Frankfurt. For the first time today I feel the need to write down my testimony; not to get exposure, but to let a lot of people know how much important it is to seek the Lord. The Lord says: “Who seeks, finds”. I used to ask myself what the meaning of my life was. I wondered: “Why do we come into the world and then we die? It was evolution or God’s hand to create us? Why there’s so much pain in life? Is there another life after the death?”Many questions, but no answers. In order to find a sense to all this, I began to read every kind of religious writing I found; I read the Gospel too, butI was confused. No wonder I was: among all the religions in the world, finding the truth was a strenuous research! But one day the miracle happened. The Lord sees people’s hearts and His Word says: “Who seeks me, finds me and whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst.” I still had not realized that my research was, as a matter of fact, thirst. I needed living water. The following day, I was finished at work a little earlier than usual, and a few minutes before going out, I sat in the kitchen of the kindergarten I worked in and I read the Gospel. I had doubts, I wondered if it was the truth or not. While reading, I was thirsty. I tried to remember where I’d put my glass of water, but I couldn’t see it. My thirst was hard to bear, I wanted to drink, so I kept looking for my glass.All of a sudden, I realized I was holding my glass in my right hand and with the left I was holding the Gospel. I said to myself: “That’s incredible! I had the water in my hand and I still kept looking for it?”. Suddenly, I heard a voice telling me: “Are you still looking for water to quench your thirst? It’s in your hand, why are you still seeking it?”. Soon I realized the Lord was talking to me. He wanted to tell me: “The Truth is in your hands, under your eyes, why do you keep looking for it?”.I kept reading the Word of God to know Him better and to know what His will is, and I still do it. Now I have all the answers to the questions I had. Now I know what the real meaning of the life is. It’s not about materialism, or about entertainments, or a good insurance, or about a good bank account. These things are not forever. They last for a while only, because our life on this Earth is passing. Today we are here…, but tomorrow? Nobody can know it but the Lord Jesus Christ, whose name is blessed forever, says: “Who seeks me finds me and whoever believes in me has eternal life”. I believed in Him, I got baptized by immersion. I can’t bring myself to regret my decision to follow Jesus. I’d do it all again if it’s possible, because it’s worth it. God’s grace is so great! He wants to save us. Refusing His offer? What for? It’d be a huge mistake. My dear friends, think about it. Life is more worthy than anything else and the Lord wants us to have an eternal one. May the Lord touch your hearts and quench your thirst forever.

Pina Conti

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