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Where will you spend the eternity? (Michela T.)

My name is Michela Todaro. I’ll joyfully tell you how my conversion happened. One day, I was talking with a friend of mine who was one of the Jehovah’s witnesses; she invited me to go to a “kingdom hall”. I immediately accepted her invitation, because I wanted to know deeply the Word of God. The following Monday, I got myself a Bible to read it. After a few meetings, I realized there were taught some false doctrines, totally contrasting with the Bible. That’s why I decided to stop going there. After thinking for a while, I thought of my cousin Giusy and I asked her a few questions about the community she attended and I decided to go and see; I was curious. I’ll never forget that evening. I felt different, I felt a deep emotion inside of me; so I began to frequent the gatherings and I realized I needed Jesus as my Personal Savior and Lord of my life. One night I asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart and in that moment a change began. I feel quiet, happy and through every trial I trust my God. I thank God for how He’s working in my family, answering to my prayers, and giving me the strength and the joy I once didn’t know. The Lord is mighty to save. You reading these lines, I want you to know that Jesus Christ wants to save you too. Accept Him into your life. Do it as soon as possible. Where will you spend the eternity?

Michela T. Ludwigshafen


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