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The Lord prepared my heart.(Luisa Fenu.)

My name is Luisa Fenu, I am a missionary and I live in Siniscola (Sardinia, Italy). In 1966 I met a young emigrant called Antonio Secchi, which a year later would become my husband. He was the first person who told me about Jesus and his way of talking was different from all the others I had heard before on the topic. He declared how he felt about me and wrote me letters about his faith for 10 months. I couldn’t understand all the things that he told me and I wasn’t aware that the Lord was preparing my heart. When we got married I began to read the Bible. God opened my heart to His endless love and I took every chance I had to tell the world about my faith in my beloved Savior Jesus Christ. Three months after my conversion, along with my husband, we got baptized in the community of Sollingen (Germany), the town we’d moved in for working reasons. The same day we declared in front of the church how Jesus had saved our lives, giving us eternal life. Reading the Bible became my daily bread and I couldn’t wait to meet the believers to enjoy fraternal fellowship and to be edified by the Word of God. Behind our back, the Lord was preparing us to a mission in Sardinia and this happened four years after my conversion. Meanwhile, God has given me my beautiful kids: Davide and Sara. In April 1971, we came back to Germany, acting as missionaries. We began our mission telling our friends and relatives about Jesus. It’s 30 years now and I can say that God has been faithful in every trial we went through and I thank Him for that. I hope all the ones who are reading this testimony feel stimulated to deepen the Bible reading, because there’s the source of life in it. I love you in Christ.

Luisa Fenu.

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