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We must be ready (Sophia S.)


My nameisSophia, I’m 17. Thank God, I live in a family who loves and knows Jesus Christ. I’ve been hearing the Word of Godsince I was a child. I went to the Sunday school several times and through it I found out more about Jesus and His Word. During my teenage-years, I regularly attended the Italian “Teeniekreis” (Youth gatherings). My cousins Marco and Timeo took me with them sometimes. On an autumn night, I made my decision. Our teen-counsellor, Giuseppe, said: “We do not know when we are going to die. That’s why we must be ready to meet Jesus.” The only condition was to accept Jesus’ offer who forgave my sins and to give Him my life. I realizeditwassomethingextremelyimportant. I knew I wanted to be a child of God. I wanted He to come into my heart. I prayed the Lordin my bedroomthat night, telling Him I needed forgiveness because I was a sinner. He forgave me and I felt in my heart peace and joy that proved me it. I was finally ready to meet Jesus; I knew I had eternal life. I kept this fact for me for a while, but it wasn’t enough. It was important to me to deepen my relationship with God in order to know His will for my life. For this reason, I began a teenage discipleship course with Gaspare and other guys; it lasted two years. I found out what I really am in God’s eyes: I’m something worthy and useful, despite my hearing-handicap. God has made something wonderful for me. Today I want to be obedient to Him. With my baptism I testify Jesus is my Savior and Lord. All the world has to hear it!


“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”John 3:16


Sophia S.

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