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I was afraid to die (Lidia Greco.)

Hello everybody. I’m Lidia and I really want to tell you how I met the Lord Jesus Christ. I was born and raised in a family of believers and I’ve been attending the meetings and reading the Bible since I was a little child. I thought I was right in God’s eyes because I behaved myself, I used to go to church and I read the Bible too. This was enough, in my opinion, to deserve Heaven. Despite everything, I was afraid to die. At the age of 12, I read a teenage-book called “Danny Orlis”. It told the story of a devoted guy who told his friends about Jesus, about His sacrifice on the cross for the world adding that who accepted Jesus as Personal Savior could be saved and become a child of God. In that moment I realized that Jesus had died to save me. I’d not committed huge sins but I knew I was lacking in God’s presence. So I asked Him to come into my life and to forgive me and He did it. He’s forgiven me and has become my Savior. I keep going to the gatherings and reading the Bible, but I know I’m saved only through Jesus. I invite those who still don’t know God:Jesus died for you too, and He wants to save you. Accept Him in your heart and you’ll have the certainty of the everlasting life.


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