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The Bible is the Word of God (Rita Calí)

I was born in a catholic family and until the age of 18 I thought I had all the right to manage my life, (actually some part of my life) the way I wanted and to attend religious ceremonies at the same time, reciting the rosary, even having a kind of fear towards God. On one hand I was proud of my religiousness, but on the other hand I couldn’t understand why I felt sad and I was afraid to die. So, not even realizing it, I suffocated those feelings, getting my head in my studies and distracting me with some amusement. Not a long time later, (I was 18), I had to get married, so I left school and since I loved to read, I began to read the Bible my husband had been given. I remember reading “The creation”, “Joseph sold by his brothers”, “Samson”, “David and Goliath”; it fascinated me. A while later, my husband and I decided to move to Germany and there, through a fellow countryman of ours, we came in touch with some evangelical believers who welcomed us with love and helped us to find a job. I immediately realized those people were different and it was confirmed when I heard them pray and sing. It seemed like they knew Jesus very well; they were sure to go to heaven after this life. Meantime I was admitted to hospital because I was eight months pregnant; Sara visited me there and gave me a flier entitled: “Here is the Way!”. In that flier there were answers to a lot of question I had always been wondering and that nobody could explain. I shed tears of joy and I finally understood the only way to know more about it was reading the Bible. SoI took my Bible for the second time,; this time not just like a storybook actually for what it really is: “the Word of God”. I discovered God’s salvation plan towards the humanity, the love God had for me, my sins in His eyes, Jesus who had taken all my sins and had paid at the cross for me with His own life and that after that God, completely pleased, had resurrected Him. WhatshouldhaveI doneatthispoint? Nothing. Just ask God to forgive my sin and accept Jesus in my heart as my personal Savior and Lord. I remember I bent on my knees, thanking Him for His sacrifice for me and I committed my life to Him. Since that moment, my heart is filled with joy, peace and sureness of the eternal life. All my fears and sadness just vanished. It’s 28 years now and I’ve never regretted my decision. And you? What are you waiting for?

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