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About us?

We are Christians, which at a certain point of our lives have recognized to be
lost sinners, worthy of God’s condemnation. We needed forgiveness. For the
grace of God we realized that Jesus took upon Himself our sins more than 2000
years ago and He expiated them through  His sacrifice. With gratitude we turned
to Him accepting Him as our Savior and Lord, to live along with Him on this
earth, waiting for His coming back to take us to live with Him forever.

"But who are these Evangelical Christians"?
It is a compliment to be called with this name, because the four evangelists
were the ones who communicated the Good News of Jesus as Savior of the World .
We love to talk about our experiences with the Lord. There are several
communities of our same denomination throughout the whole nation. We organize
Evangelical Tents, marches for Jesus, libraries, gospel concerts and religious
services through the radio and television broadcasting.

Our church is made up of Italian people which moved to Germany several years ago, in different times. Our religious background was the Italian Brethren Church. We commit ourselves to make our community in Mannheim-Ludwigshafen grow. We are happy to see the fruit of our efforts. We invite everyone to attend our meetings:

In Ludwigshafen:

67063 Böhlstrasse 5 On Saturday at 6:00 pm., studies and various meetings.

67063 Hemshofstrasse 23 On Thursday at 7:00 pm.-prayer Meeting


In Mannheim:

68176 Stamitzstrasse 15 (In the Stadtmission) 

On Sunday at 3:30 pm.

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