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Donatella Parente


My name is Donatella P. I was born in 1982.

Before I found Jesus, I lived without God, although I was born and educated in a catholic family. I said God didn’t exist. I used to believe only what I could see, I was afraid of believing in an invisible world. I was rebel against my parents, especially against my mother; I wanted to follow my ideas, among which, studying psychology (despite she never advised me to).  I was always busy with myself, I wanted to find out who I really was. During my studies, I knew unexplainable phenomena and I became aware that exists a real world we can’t see. I wanted to know always more about it and about myself. I began to do exoteric practices such as yoga, I read Buddhist books, I read into the cards… As the time went by, I always felt more tied to this practices.  I suspected that it was something wrong, leading to a wrong way, because I felt always worse, confused by all those strange events I had heard and seen; I had no peace, I was confused. I had a bike accident and I passed out for 3 times. I realized that even if I was young, my life could end at any time. Nothing was under my control, and I had to make a decision. One evening, I was very sad and I asked myself what or better, which one among all those invisible powers could I really trust? My answer was clear; Jesus, because I knew He is good. For the 1st time I began to talk to Jesus and I asked Him to help me. And He did it. Because of a language sin and looking at the “movie” of my life, I thought about all the mistakes I’d made. I felt hugely guilty. I understood I was a sinner and that I was lost without God’s forgiveness. After I confessed Him my sins, God kept His promises: I felt a deep peace in my heart and a true freedom. I experienced His love and forgiveness, I understood God was the God of the life, that He had really risen from the dead. I decided to give my life to Jesus. Stepwise, He showed me what was wrong with my life and He released me from all my sins, my confusion, my sadness; He gave a sense to my life. I cannot regret my decision, because all through my life, I felt His guide, I felt there was His mighty hand catching me when I was falling. I recognized He is alive, that He takes part to my life and helps me in everything. He has freed me from the invisible world’s chains, from the evil, from my sufferance. He is my Saviour and Lord and my good Shepherd, that will lead me to the everlasting life with Him.


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