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Nunzio Grossano

My name is Nunzio Grossano and I am 28. I was born in a family of believers and I was almost everytime involved in Church Meetings on Saturday and Sunday, and in Youth Meetings as well. Since I was a child, I knew the stories of the Bible, but I was not much interested. At the age of 13, I began to be bored during those meetings. I simply went there to please my parents, but my mind was somewhere else. Many years passed by going to those meetings unwillingly. Sometimes it happened I was interested on a theme, but my interest faded very quickly. One day, after one of the Youth Meetings, the leader invited us all to make a circle of prayers. While we were praying, I gave my heart to Jesus. I only said four words, because of my bashfulness: "I want it too". Since then, I felt peace in my heart. I was aware of having been saved and I still am, but a few years later I came back to my old habits and I had new desires too. This led me away from God. I began to smoke, to drink alcohol, to use drugs, trying to slake my flesh's desires. I had a foot in the World and I wanted to walk with God with the other. I knew I was wrong, but I wanted to stay with my friends. I remembered the things I had learneed from the Bible, but my mind pushed them down; I did what I wanted. I wanted to become an idle of Hip Hop. I began to dress up like a rapper, imitating the typical moves.  A whil after that, I realized what was happening around the World. My dad told me that Jesus' comeback was not far at all! I knew I was wrong, but I would not stop my desires. I wanted both to live God's way and my own way. I was shaken hearing a preacher say: "You can't serve two gods." So, you serve the Lord, or serve the World. I decided to serve my Lord and to change my behaviour in one God likes. This world will pass away and everything is in it will disappear, but God is eternal! For this reason I realized that it's better to serve and to live with the Lord forever, than just living in this world and die forever. 

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