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I wanted to pray but I didn’t know how to do it. ( Antonio )

“I want to pray. I want to ask God for help.. but I don’t know how to do it”. That’s how it all began.

Every night, after work I used to go to discos, I used cocaine, I drank alcohol but above this, I loved women. I was always ready to meet them and to use them to my liking, just like objects. I had almost everything I wanted, partly because my business went very good and I could afford it. I felt the owner of the world, full of arrogance and, often, bad. I respected nobody, actually I used the people only for my purposes.I was hated. Although I didn’t need anybody, I felt something in my heart, as if a part of me knew I was making mistakes and that the meaning of this life wasn’t only entertainment. So I began to feel different, I didn’t feel the way I once felt. The more I went out, the more I felt bad. I felt lonely despite I had a lot of people all around me. This led me to depression. I wondered what was going on inside of me and I felt so awkward I thought even to kill myself. But there came the day in which I thought: “Ok. I need God’s help now!” but I didn’t know how to ask for it. Now I’m here, telling how my life has been completely changed by our Lord Jesus, wondering: “Why did it happen to me? Why preciselyto me? I surely didn’t deserve it.” The answer is that our Lord is full of love and mercy. He sacrificed His Son for the sins of the world and I thank Him every day for this reason, because now I have my wife and I love her, and she loves me too, and even she’s not a Christian yet, I trust in God. I thank Him also for my son, my beautiful healthy boy. The ones who used to know me wonder what had happened to me and I am glad to tell them my testimony, although sometimes they can’t understand me. However, the most important thing is that Jesus has given me the everlasting life that I’ll spend with Him. I’ll never thank Him enough for that. One more thing: when Jesus called me, I knew I had to change my lifetotally. At the beginning it seemed impossible to me; I felt like I had to climb a very high mountain and I didn’t know how to begin. Now, day by day, thank God’s help, a few meters are left to reach the top. I will get baptized in a short time and my greatest desire now is to serve Him, in any way.

Hugs to everybody.

God bless us all

Antonio ( Francoforte )

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